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Todd Halliday, Managing Partner
Northrop Consulting Engineers

* What’s been the best element of your new role at Northrop?

Building a new team and transforming a business.  Every week brings a new challenge and new opportunities – and being part of a team thriving in this environment is exciting.

* Now some Yin with that Yang – what’s the hardest element of your new role?

Information overload and the volume of operational complications – much of it just unnecessary.  We are learning that it is imperative that as successful businesses grow, so must your workflows and operational settings.  

* How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

Two ways really. Leaning into my curiosity – always learning through listening, reading, conversations and engaging with industry and the amazing smart people out there. Secondly, leading with positive intent – through every action, conversation and interaction with people – it always brings the best out of others and yourself.

* What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and why?

“Take your time son – it lasts longer” – my grandfather said this to me often when I was a kid.  As a busy person with lot’s of balls in the air, I need to slow things down, take a bird’s eye view of the situation I am in and contemplate life. Find the space to lead.

* My ideal holiday or way to unwind is…..? 

With my family, the place must have interesting things to do and an abundance of nature to soak ourselves into.

* Time for the shameless plug – why should someone engage Northrop?

We are an engineering consultancy in the built environment that thrives through our enduring partnerships that liberate ingenuity.  We deeply care for our people, our clients, the community and the environment, and we enjoy turning someone’s ideas and concepts for places and spaces into reality.

Thanks Todd, we love having you in our community!

Northrop Consulting Engineers is located in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC. Todd can be contacted on 0404 879 157 and by email

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