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Shirley Chowdhary

LTT8 CEO Group Chair Sydney

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Shirley's Story

Shirley’s current portfolio aims to create commercially sustainable and inclusive services for all members of our community. Her career has been driven by a strong desire to create a connection between people, place and purpose and this work was recognised when she was selected as one of the 2019 AFR 100 Women of Influence.

Shirley is an internationally experienced board director with a diverse set of expertise across law, financial services, the NFP sector and journalism. She is admitted to practice law in Australia and New York (having completed the New York bar) and has worked across Asia and Australia in the corporate and for-purpose sectors.

In 2024, Shirley was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Sydney. This is the highest recognition from the University, and recognises Shirley's extraordinary achievements and exceptional leadership across a broad range of industries and in advocating for the advancement of Indigenous education and gender equality.

Career highlights include being Regional Counsel Asia Pacific for JP Morgan Investment Management; Chief Executive Officer for the GO Foundation, a large Australian Indigenous organisation dedicated to Indigenous education; host of the Women’s Agenda podcast series The Leadership Lessons; and author of a range of writings including a biography for a WW2 prisoner-of-war.

Shirley is currently the Chair of the Board for Women for Election, and is a Non-Executive Director on the boards of the Australian Associated Press and Northrop Consulting Engineers. She is also on the Advisory Boards of Mentor Walks and Propel, an organisation empowering companies and individuals to manage digital reputation. She is currently consulting with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School and Shalom Gamarada on their Indigenous education programs.

Shirley is a keynote speaker and presenter for Saxton Speakers and her portfolio also includes an extensive array of mentoring and volunteering.

Shirley has been chairing her LTT CEO group since 2022.


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