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Jason Tunbridge

Co-Founder and Director, Chair of LTT2 CEO Group and LTT SE2 Senior Exec Group Sydney

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Jason's Story

Jason Tunbridge is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Leadership Think Tank. A lifetime of experience in the SME marketplace, mixing with some of Australia's most innovative business entrepreneurs, has given Jason unique insights into the right and wrong ways to be planning an organisation’s strategic direction, and enhancing a leader’s professional skills.

Jason has held senior management and executive roles across a number of industries including allied health, multimedia and professional services.


Jason’s career has not followed a linear path, and he’s enjoyed cameo interactions with Kerry Packer, Robert Holmes a Court and the Dalai Llama. Life has taught him to think on his feet and approach each encounter as an opportunity to engage and enhance the person he’s with.


With a passion for strategy and for challenging the status quo, Jason’s goal is to have a positive impact on as many businesses and people as he possibly can.


Jason chairs both a CEO group and a Senior Exec Group with LTT.


Contact Jason at and 0411 194 814.

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