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Ranya Akacha

LTT7 CEO Group Chair Sydney

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Ranya's Story

Ranya grew up surrounded by business owners. Her dad and uncles all ran businesses. So it seemed natural for Ranya to buy a business with a friend, even if she was only 21 at the time and studying a Commerce Accounting degree full time at Macquarie University. That business was a beauty salon in Sydney’s Martin Place. Learning through hard work (and some mistakes, of course), Ranya complemented the theoretical side of her accounting degree with the realities of being a business owner.


Since then, Ranya has opened other businesses, including a travel agency; she has coached numerous business owners, and been a business improvement specialist for Qantas. Ranya has become an expert in stepping into different businesses. She works with the owner to grow their business, strategise, restructure, to create systems and processes, and keep teams productive.


Ranya now chairs one of our CEO groups at The Leadership Think Tank.

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