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Nina Mapson Bone

LTT9 CEO Group Chair Sydney

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Nina's Story

Author of ‘Meaningful Work: Unlock Your Unique Path to Career Fulfilment’, Nina Mapson Bone is a people strategist, consultant, chair, director and keynote speaker. She consults with boards, CEOs, founders and executives on bridging the disconnect between strategy and the needs, motivations and capabilities of their people.


Nina’s executive career has spanned three continents and diverse sectors. She was previously the Managing Director of Beaumont People, where she led a period of significant growth for the organisation, during which it was recognised with multiple awards.


Nina is currently the Chair of the People and Culture Committee, and a non-executive director of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. She is also the Chair of the Development Committee of the North Foundation, the immediate Past President and Chair of the RCSA, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Nina has been chairing her LTT CEO leadership group since 2024.


Contact Nina at and 0409 163 825

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