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All About Brian Hutchinson

* What’s the best element of your role at North Branding & Design?

Every day is different.

Right now, our projects include annual reports, websites, re-brands and brand refresh projects, digital ad campaigns, videos, signage and exhibition graphics. We have both public and private sector clients in infrastructure, the arts, health, aged care, disability services, construction, financial services, education, mining and the media.

I love working with my team of highly skilled visual communications professionals helping our varied clients get the best out of their branded communications – ensuring they get their message across, sell a product or service, re-position their business, gain better traction with their markets and build business value.

* Now some Yin with that Yang – what’s the hardest element of your role?

I enjoy the high-level financial management of the business but the detailed accounting side has never been my forte. However, I have an excellent (and patient) book-keeper and accountant who keep things on track.

* How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I learn from other leaders in the creative services and marketing industries (and other industries and backgrounds) through attending seminars and conferences and reading books and blogs and listening to podcasts. Plus, in the past several years by being a member of a Leadership Think Tank CEO group!

* What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and why?

Do what you say you are going to do.

Because I believe that in business, we build growth and success through earning our clients’ trust and respect, and by demonstrating integrity. The simplest mantra to keep in mind while working towards this is always do what you say you are going to do. This applies to all levels of a business, and in both external and internal interactions. Trust, respect and integrity quickly erode if we make promises we can’t keep.

* My ideal holiday or way to unwind is…

In this day and age of restricted travel a two- or three-week beach holiday, on the NSW coast, with family and friends around is my ideal holiday. Beach walks, swims, great food and company are a good way to unwind and reset. Favourite spots include Brunswick Heads, on the far north coast and Broulee/Mossy Point on the south coast.

* Time for the shameless plug – why should someone engage North Branding & Design?

First and foremost, we are business creatives, with many years’ experience in providing the full range of branding and design services to businesses and organisations, small or large and across many sectors.

This means we quickly understand the commercial and communication imperatives behind the work we do, we are easy to work with and form long-term partnerships with our clients. We are also responsive and creative, in a pragmatic and focused way.

Thanks Brian, we love having you in our community! For all those reading, feel free to comment in our private member blog.

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