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The Leadership Think Tank Scholarship


Dr Angie Montgomery (centre), CEO of InCheq, with fellow LTT members Brigitte Seelin (left), CEO of Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates and Zoran Jurisic (right), Head of Quickbiz at NAB - November 2022

Investing in our future leaders

As part of our reason for being, we look to offer a 12-month scholarship membership to a CEO/ Founder in the start-up space, to join one of our LTT CEO groups. We believe we can provide a genuine opportunity for independent mentoring, development and support at a time when an emerging CEO is in real need of it.


During 2022, we’ve welcomed Dr Angie Montgomery, CEO of InCheq, to our scholarship program - pictured above with fellow LTT members Brigitte Seelin, CEO of Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates and Zoran Jurisic, Head of Quickbiz at NAB. Due to high quality of applicants, we also offered a scholarship to Esmond Ye, CEO of Generation Entrepreneur.


We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be offering another 12-month scholarship membership to kick off in 2023. If you're an emerging CEO, or you know of someone in your network who is, applications can be submitted via the form below. Applications should address only one key area - why should you and your business be awarded the scholarship.


Applications will be accepted in any form you wish to submit, with the proviso that any videos are less than 60 seconds, anything in written form is limited to one page and any URL links are readily accessible. The final submission date is Saturday December 31 2022, and the scholarship to the successful applicant will be offered on January 14 2023.

CRITERIA: To be eligible for the 12 month scholarship, the organisation must be a start up in its first three (3) years of trading. 

Let’s Work Together

All scholarship applications will remain confidential

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Conditions for The Leadership Think Tank's 2023 Membership Scholarship

* The scholarship is open to the CEO/Founder of a business in the start up space. This is defined as a business that begun trading in 2020

   or later, or will begin trading in 2023.

* The scholarship is offered for the full 2023 calendar year in an LTT CEO group

* The scholarship covers all membership fees for the period of the scholarship

* The awarding of the scholarship will be decided by the Directors of The Leadership Think Tank based on submissions received by Saturday             December 31. 

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