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About Us

We bring great people together

Talented people, helping each other

There is no denying that personal coaching,  getting support from your peers or staying abreast of critical business trends can all help you be more effective at leadership. Now there is an organisation that offers a combination of all these elements in a model that recognises just how busy you are. The Leadership Think Tank has been established with the vision to make exceptional executive peer advisory groups, and the vast benefits they bring, accessible to as many SMEs as possible. We recognised the gap that exists in authentic and practical professional executive development, at a price that is affordable, and a time commitment that is realistic. From our extensive research of member needs, we have structured a model that addresses the most important aspects of business and personal ambitions, to ensure that our members achieve their goals and outperform their competitors.

Our Directors

Our two founders, Jason Tunbridge and Craig Purcell, have a combined 40 years experience in this space, in both executive roles and as group members. They’ve seen what business leaders want from professional development, and what they don’t, and have distilled these learnings into a compelling package designed to meet the needs of leaders today.

Our Chairs

Our Chairs in Sydney & Melbourne have extensive experience as CEOs, are familiar with all the challenges that business leaders face on a daily basis, and work persistently to deliver clarity to the many issues and opportunities our members face.