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LTT Business Bulletin - July 2015



Gary Bertwistle, LTT Speaker and Australia’s thought leader

on innovation and creativity, shares why he loves inspiring leaders


Be A Leader… that Inspires!


Invariably as a keynote speaker, you follow the company CEO or Managing Director at the podium. To open the conference, the CEO or MD will give (what they believe to be) an interesting, inspiring or thought provoking speech, before handing over to the guest speaker. All pretty standard really.

What troubles me however, is the complete lack of thought, preparation and structure that goes into 90% of these leaders’ presentations. It’s as if they’ve had a quick think about it in the back of the taxi on the way to the venue – if they’ve thought about it at all – and then just stood in front of the crowd and sprouted some meaningless waffle with some numbers and figures thrown in for good measure until their time was up.

It’s rare that I see a leader present something that is well thought out, well prepared, sourced, researched and will add real value and inspiration to the people sitting in front of them. Their team. The people who are ultimately responsible for the success and future of the business.

People need leadership and they’re looking to you to be an inspiring leader, to bring direction, confidence, security and inspiration for what lies ahead. They need to trust you and believe in you and they want to feel like you’re all in it together, collectively working towards a unified dream.

So how does a leader give a speech that will truly inspire? Well, first and foremost you have to prepare! I would suggest that as soon as a conference has been scheduled, you start preparing what you will say. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking for 5 minutes or an hour, preparation is the key and you need weeks if not months, to do yourself and your team justice.

Gone are the days of simply turning up, waffling on for your allotted time slot and then departing. Don’t be like the herd. Be determined to do something great. Every opportunity to have to speak in front of your team is an opportunity to win votes… like an election, except votes of confidence and support for you in your job as a leader of the business.

The greatest tip I can give you is to buy a journal. Whether it’s an old school hard cover, leather bound journal or even a digital version such as Evernote, doesn’t really matter. Just start to collect quotes, statistics, dreams, random thoughts, doodles, inspirational pieces and snippets of information that you can piece together to make a real impact on your audience, take them somewhere, lift them and give them confidence that you’re the person in charge who is there to lead them boldly and enthusiastically into the future.

As a leader there’s something powerful about a journal, but what’s even more powerful is when the content of that journal is used to inspire and motivate your audience.


Aside from his career as one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers, Gary co-founded Australia’s leading cycling foundation, the Tour de Cure, along with a new venture called 6 Strings 4 Cancer, which brings bedside relief through music to people going through cancer treatment.