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LTT Business Bulletin - February 2017



Jason Tunbridge, Director at Leadership Think Tank, asks the

question “Revenge – maybe not so sweet?”



Motivation is vital. It’s what drives you to look for new ideas, opportunities, advantages, and if you’re lacking in motivation – well, the results, or lack of them, will be there for all to see.

So what are the best motivators? In my experience, there are some clearly obvious ones – “family”; “ambition”; “financial”; – and who can’t say that a rapidly approaching deadline doesn’t focus the mind.

In a recent coaching session with a CEO of a mid-sized firm, I asked what his motivation was behind a direction that he wanted to take his career. His answer? Revenge.

Apparently he felt like he had been treated unfairly over a number of years by a Director on his Board, and he felt his new direction would wreak some havoc on that Director’s external business.

My counsel to him was that while revenge, or getting even, may indeed be a motivator, it also clouds good judgement. Simply because he had felt aggrieved about the interactions he’d had with the Director that was no guarantee that his actions would succeed. And if revenge is what’s driving you to make an important business or life decision, have you actually stopped and thought about the impact of that? Like if you weren’t fuelled up on revenge, would this be the direction you’d go anyway?

You could easily allow a decision driven by revenge to take your life and career on a path that it really shouldn’t go – and who’s the real loser at the end of that journey?


Jason Tunbridge is a Director with Leadership Think Tank, and chairs one of our CEO peer groups, plus one of our Senior Exec groups. You can contact Jason at jason.tunbridge@leadershipthinktank.com.au