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LTT Business Bulletin - February 2017



Jack Daly on some of the key points from his latest book, 

“The Sales Playbook”


Questions worth asking now to achieve bigger sales results in 2017

  • What do you need to improve to grow your sales results in 2017?
  • Is your “why to change it” big enough to drive the change you need?
  • What do you need to make it happen… to push through the obstacles that are sure to pop up?
  • Finally, if I asked you to send me your Sales Playbook how your people sell effectively, could you?

Sports teams at nearly any level are run better than most sales teams. Why? The have a dedicated coach, a Playbook organising all their best plays, and they practice it regularly to be game-ready. How about you?

Essentials:   Every company needs to have a Sales Playbook to better train and replicate success. To grow requires proven sales systems and processes that focus your people on HPAs (high payoff activities), using the best sales practices on the right targets. To scale results, it must be replicatable. And to change results, you must change behaviours.

Build it, Use it:    A Sales Playbook is only valuable when used. Below are 3 keys to getting it used.

  • 1) Build it:
    • Build this “tool” to replicate greater success.
    • Proven systems, processes and tools for Sales and Sales Management
    • Three main areas: People – Processes – Practices
  • 2) Coach it:
    • Coaching is required to change mindset, attitude and behaviors
    • Laser focus on HPAs, using best sales practices on your best targets
  • 3) Manage it:
    • The Sales Manager must lead training and practicing with the team regularly and ongoing because left on their own, sales people won’t do it
    • The key to maximizing the power potential of your Playbook is the Sales Manager leading it and making sure that the individuals and team are always game-ready to win more!


The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth is a new Amazon best-selling book, co-authored by Jack Daly and Dan Larson. It’s a robust guide on how-to build hyper sales growth systems and processes into a Sales Playbook to grow sales performance and scale results.

To get a free Sales Playbook Summary file that shows you the key pieces and how to put it together visit http://leveragesalescoach.com/summary/. If you’d like some help to strategise your Sales Playbook or your current situation with the company owner and Sales Manager, contact 0404 453358 or serge@leveragesalescoach.com.