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Jason Tunbridge

Sydney: Chair LTT2

Meet Jason Tunbridge

A business innovator with more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of senior roles, Jason is well versed in the challenges of leadership at all levels. A seasoned mentor and business coach he has the résumé that only experience will generate.

Jason has thrived in some tough environments and loves the challenges associated with getting the best out of people to drive an organisation’s agenda, whilst recognising they have more in their lives than work. Experience as an entrepreneur driving his own successful organisations has rounded out Jason’s portfolio.

Jason is passionate about people in leadership and has a pragmatic, straightforward approach recognising that change within organisations is inevitable, but that need not be the game changer individuals perceive it to be, or perhaps it is – the choice lies with the individual.

A public speaker of note, Jason can also deliver practical insights to help accelerate leadership achievements. “Straightforward and passionate are two words that best describe Jason Tunbridge as a speaker. Jason brings a sense of realism and receptiveness to his presentations and is able to evoke change within the audience from the moment he has finished his presentation. Jason was able to captivate his audience so much, that they talked of little else throughout our two day event”. – Rachel Lynn, General Manager, Strata Community Australia (NSW)

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Phone:  0411 194 814

Linkedin:  https://au.linkedin.com/in/jasontunbridge


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