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Jack Daly in Sydney

“Sales Success through Leverage, Preparation and Process!”

The Leadership Thinktank is excited to have Jack Daly, one of America’s foremost experts on sales success, present a fantastic session to give you some tangible strategies to apply in your business.

Friday May 30, 7.45am – 11.00am, BDO, Level 11, 1 Margaret Street, Sydney

In this session:

  • Leverage in sales means generating more business with less work. In this session we discover the “how”.
  • Most businesses seek growth of the top and bottom line. Most fight hard for small, incremental gains. Here’s how the few breakout to robust growth.
  • Sports teams, at almost every level, outperform most businesses. Find out how.
  • Proven sales moves by the top 10% generate a disproportionate amount of sales. Here’s a look at what they are doing- Model the Masters!

There are three basic disciplines that Jack Daly is world famous for: Building a Winning Culture; Growing Sales Teams through Recruiting and Training; and Generating Sales with Unique and Proven Sales Systems & Processes.

This session will particularly focus on key strategies and tactics that are proving effective in today’s business world. The job of the CEO/MD has changed markedly as to where to focus for success. Technology and social media have truly shrunk the world. Shrinking margins are the threat, and operating cost improvements have resulted in the need for our sales professionals to elevate their game to be effective in it.

No longer can the sales performer be the “lone maverick” and expect success. Businesses must now realise that the key to effective sales success is “systems & processes”, consistently applied throughout the organisation.

In order to accomplish this conversion, the company leadership must set it as a priority and invest the necessary resources. If planes stay in the air with regularity because of a checklist, and hospital operating rooms with a checklist report markedly reduced incidents of errors, what does this then suggest for the Sales and Sales Management areas of our businesses?

Your three key learnings from Jack’s session that you’ll be able to implement into your business immediately:

  1. Lessons learned from the top 10%
  2. Activities = results
  3. Standing out from the competition

Event Details:

Date: Friday May 30

Time: 7.45am – 11.00am

Venue: BDO, Level 11, 1 Margaret Street, Sydney

Cost: Free

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