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Gary Bertwistle, LTT Speaker and Australia’s thought leader

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I recently had the pleasure of chatting to a government official who talked about celebrating a curious mind. He was an audience member who believed that it was imperative that his department go down this philosophical road in order to solve some of the issues that his area of responsibility faced. Immediately I grabbed my journal and jotted down the line celebrate a curious mind.

Imagine if leaders walked around their offices, factory, workplace, shops or buildings looking for and celebrating the curious minds of his or her employee’s. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if parents looked everyday to see and hear the curious mind of their children that they could then openly celebrate.

When this guy mentioned celebrating a curious mind I thought “you know that’s actually what is missing in business and homes today”. A curious mind unlocks great ideas. A curious mind will find the cure for cancer. A curious mind designed the iPod, the iPad and the colour TV. A curious mind built your car, designed your home, invented the enamel for you fillings in your teeth and wrote the article that you will read on the bus on the way home tonight. It’s the curious mind that pushes things forward. The sad thing is that we don’t celebrate it enough.

In most businesses the boss walks around throwing buckets of water over the sparks of ideas because they think it is their job to critique everything. It’s far easier to be a stinker and extinguish a curious mind than to be that special person who looks, see’s and hears the way someone thinks differently, acknowledge’s it and celebrates it.

There are not many things that can make a person feels as good as when their good idea is acknowledged. Think about this prospect … the leaders of the future will celebrate the curious mind and outstanding parents will celebrate the curious minds of their children – they won’t constantly correct them, they won’t vilify them, they won’t make them feel silly. Instead they will celebrate them, lift them up, build on their possibilities and give them a future where anything is possible.

Aside from his career as one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers, Gary co-founded Australia’s leading cycling foundation, the Tour de Cure, along with a new venture called 6 Strings 4 Cancer, which brings bedside relief through music to people going through cancer treatment.