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Become a Chair

What does a Leadership Think Tank Chair do?



As a Leadership Think Tank Chair, you will play a vital role in the success of your members’ businesses, their lives and the lives of those around them – their family, their staff, their customers, their suppliers, and their community. You will be afforded opportunities to invoke real change, challenge and press your members to strive harder and more effectively to achieve real success.

Through the Leadership Think Tank model, you will lead a monthly meeting of your members where they will discuss their opportunities, or issues they are facing, in a confidential forum of fellow business leaders. Here is where the combined wisdom of the group distils all the information at hand, and recommends a way forward. Close bonds are formed in these sessions, as each member is committed to the success of the others.

Each quarter, an expert speaker will present to your group meeting on a topic of importance to your members. You will facilitate this workshop, ensuring the learnings from the speaker are embedded with the members, and made relevant to each one.

You will conduct probing, in-depth coaching sessions with your members every second month, being a trusted confidant, as well as ensuring accountability for the actions committed to by the member. During these discussions, a strong relationship builds between Chair and member, born out of mutual respect.

What makes a good Leadership Think Tank Chair?


There are many traits that we look for in a Chair, however the key ones are:

  • A desire to see your members grow and develop, both professionally and personally
  • A commitment to continuous learning
  • The ability to quickly build rapport in all social situations

An appropriate level of business experience, most usually at the CEO or Managing Director level, is also a fundamental requirement.


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